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"Photography and drawing of dogs, horses and landscape views since the 1980s. Photo repair, tips and more."

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Animals and landscapes without humans - the way I like it most.

Welcome to my website.

My name is Michael Elsaesser. For a few years I have been living and working mainly in Norway.

But I was born in Germany, grew up in Oberhof (Thuringia) and here I began with photography.
I had my first darkroom there and I still develop black and white pictures today.

So on my pages you can find my pictures and offers all about photography,
as well as links to friends.
On my Info pages I offer course material, photo travel and more.

Photography and drawings, picture repair since the mid 1980`s.

Gallery and Service

My name is Michael Elsaesser. Welcome to my website. This is about photography, analogue and digital, photo repair, drawing pet portraits from your photos, course material and more.

In the 1980s I started with photography working with black / white images, using my own darkroom. I offer photography of dogs, horses, landscapes,... I am drawing your pet portraits, repair damaged pictures and offer course material. »

Landscape views from a bird's eye view. Since 2003 I have the privat pilot license and so I can see the the world from above from time to time. far away from many people. Here my pictures and stories. »

Photo repair.
Since the mid 1980s I have been shooting and developing analogue pictures. I also offer the repair of damaged images. Here are examples and prices to follow. Any questions? Just contact me. »

Drawing pet portraits:
A professionally, hand drawn pet portrait makes a wonderfully unique gift for yourself or others. Remembering a special friend, occasion or pet memorial capturing that special "moment in time to" be cherished for generations!

All graphite pencil portraits are drawn on acid free paper with careful attention paid to each & every detail of subject's face and details in photo. Combinations or successions of pictures may also be created within a portrait. Once portraits are completed, each is sprayed with a clear matte fixative to repel smears and soil also un-erasable, therefore making portrait. A permanent piece of artwork. portraits are priced individually based on amount of details & time required.