• Photography & drawings of animal portraits, landscape views, wedding photography

    Pets are one of the most beautiful photo subjects.
  • Landscapes

    I offer photography of landscapes, course material and more.
  • Wedding Photography.

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Services Overview

Pet Portraits

Pets are one of the most beautiful photo subjects. For many years I'm working with drawing and photography. So maybe you're interested in a personal photo with your pet. Just contact me.

What services do I offer?

Interview before shooting

Photo at home, with the favorite walk in the woods, on the beach and much more.

duration of 1-1 ½ time

Sorting and distributing the most beautiful images to choose from. After shooting, you can select 4 photos. They will be sent as prints 13x18cm incl. digital photos per mail. Don't worry about time, I don't use a stopwatch, if it runs well I do not see the 15 minutes. Price: 55 EUR for 1 ½ hour shooting.

I also offer more photo-shoots: Party photography, weddings and more If you are interested please send me a mail.


Wedding Photography

For a while ago I began to offer course material all about wedding photography. But beyond I do it myself to. So I can be there at your wedding – take the pictures of the best day in your life.

What services do I offer?

Interview before shooting

Photo at home, ceremony and more.

duration of 1-2 ½ time

Sorting and distributing the most beautiful images to choose from. After shooting, you can select 20 photos. They will be sent as prints 13x18cm incl. You get all digital photos per mail or DVD. I can help with large prints and frames too

Price: 550 EUR for up to 2 ½ hour shooting. I also offer more photo-shoots: pet photography, so If you are interested please send me a mail.


Pet Drawings

Do you want to have a pet portrait drawing?

I am pleased to offer my services for commissioned hand drawn, realistic, highly detailed black and white portraits from your photos. Esp. dogs but nevertheless any kind of portrait is possible.

Just contact me for more or/and have a look at my atelier from time to time. A Professionally, Hand Drawn Dog Portrait or a Family or Baby Portrait makes a wonderfully unique Family or Pet Gift for yourself or others, remembering a special person, All occasion or Pet Memorial or Pet Tribute capturing that special "moment in time to" be cherished for generations! A thoughtful Keepsake!

All Graphite Pencil Portraits are drawn on Acid free Paper with careful attention paid to each & every detail of subject's face and details in photo. Combinations or successions of pictures may also be created within a Portrait. Once Portraits are completed, each is sprayed with a clear matte fixative to repel smears and soil also unerasable, therefore making Portrait a permanent piece of Artwork. Portraits are priced individually based on amount of details & time required.

To draw an expressive and meaningful picture of your cat, dog or horse, I need one or more photos that show your favorite as it will appear in the most typical and beautiful way.

On the photo, the details of the head of your animal should be seen clearly, especially the eyes! It would also be very helpful if you could give me a brief description of your animal.

You are welcome to contact me by e-mail or telephone, if you have questions about the photos or have the portrayal.

Once I see the photos I can tell you whether this leads to a good, realistic portrait.

I work, whether in pastel or graphite / color pencil art, A4 or A3 format. Once the portrait is completed, I send you by email a miniature copy of it.

Now we come to the financial part. If you like the picture I have mailed please transfer the money to my account or via paypal. Then I send you the original drawing in a sturdy cardboard envelope to the specified delivery address. Invoice and delivery are at then. If you do not like it you may send back the picture within the next 14 days. You will get back your money.


from 50, - EUR

Order Processing depending on demand about 1-4 weeks. Please enter your name, address, Phone and email address.


3D Productions.

image production and animation with Blender, Makehuman, GIMP,...

Blender is a powerful application that allows you to create 3d images and animations. The main advantage over other applications like 3d Studio or Maya is that blender is completely free.

The program allows you to model, render, structure, illuminate, animate and post-edit all possible three-dimensional scenes. The complex interface offers endless tools, including primitive functions, nurb curves,...

Blender is compatible with the vast majority of formats and standard programs such as 3d Studio, Autodesk FBX, Collada, Wavefront, and STL.

One of the biggest problems with blender is probably the steep learning curve, who wants to get good results with the program, must invest a little time. It offers a large and helpful community as well as many tutorials and examples that you can find on the Internet. The program is also used by professional studios to create video games and movies.

Each new version offers new tools to enhance your creations: flow simulation, special render filters, a fully customizable physics engine, and much more, all of which makes blender a complete and flexible application.


Often my "photo models" dissolve before we get to realize one or the other photo project. So I also use more and more my 3d programs and I build my models myself. I like to use Makehuman in people.


... the free and open source software to create realistic 3d humans for: illustrations animations Games Zbrush/Mudbox Sculpting The most liberal license in the world!! Content created with MakeHuman is licensed under the CC0 license, giving artists unprecedented freedom for using their MakeHuman creations in any way they can imagine


Photo Shoots

Photo Tours

Ideas and offers...

Tuesday 04 sept 2018

Tour offers and ideas

I will offer guided tours and information especially for photo and nature enthusiasts. So I work together with friends in Russia, Germany and around Colchester / Essex.

Colchester in Essex is Britain's oldest recorded town and was the first city and capital in Roman Britain. Its rich history dates back over 2000 years.

But it's not just history. 21st Century Colchester is a thriving, modern town with first class visitor attractions, including the family favourites Colchester Zoo and Colchester Castle, as well as fantastic places to eat, drink and shop.

Poised at the gateway to East Anglia with picturesque villages and only minutes away from the coast, the Colchester area is the perfect destination for a well-deserved short break, day trip or family holiday.