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    Here I offer photo tours, wedding photography, courses,...
    My name is Michael Elsaesser. For a few years I have been living and working mainly in Norway. Now I am moving to Russia. And I will continue offering animal portraits and landscape photography, wedding photography, courses and more. Already in the 1980s I started with photography and since then I have been developing my black/white pictures myself. Luckily, the possibility of digital photography has not changed my way of still using analogue techniques. I also repair damaged images.

    Photo Travel in Russia

    It started with a wonderful woman in Marx. We wanted to move together and I wanted to offer photo tours with tourists. Then she had a bad traffic accident, was in the hospital for weeks and it looked really bad. Then light at the end of the tunnel, so I thought. She came out of the hospital in a rehab treatment, we finally had contact again and what a mystery – she was somehow no longer the same. In one way or other she must have gone through a "spiritual meltdown" because now she only wants to go to the convent after her rehab. Even her best friend doesn't get through to her anymore.

    So I started to make new contacts, because I still want to go to Russia.

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