Welcome to my website.
Here I offer animal portraits and landscape photography without people, Aviation related stuff and more.
My name is Michael Elsaesser. For a few years I have been living and working mainly in Norway now. Here I offer animal portraits and landscape photography without people. Already in the 1980s I started with photography and since then I have been developing my black/white pictures myself. Luckily, the possibility of digital photography has not changed my way of still using analogue techniques. I also repair damaged images. In the early years, at that time in the GDR, I also photographed at riding sport events. I'm not doing this anymore. And since you are only allowed to photograph at tournaments with registration and police certificate, I am finished with humans in photography in general. Forget about the cracked up Norwegians!

In the revise design, I have largely kicked out everything that has less than four legs. (except birds).

I only produce images that I like myself too. You can also find posters and photo books. Thank you very much for your visit and you are always welcome to check in again. If you have questions – just contact me

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