Photography, drawings and virtual art

Photography and drawings of animal portraits, landscape views, wedding photography,...

For many years I have been working with drawing and photography. Interested in a personal photo with dog, horse, Cat...? Just contact me.

Pets are one of the most beautiful photo subjects. For many years I'm working with drawing and photography. So maybe you're interested in a personal photo with your pet. Just contact me.

What services do I offer?

-Interview before shooting

Photo at home, with the favorite walk in the woods, on the beach and much more. -duration of 1-1 ½ time, Sorting and distributing the most beautiful images to choose from. After shooting, you can select 4 photos. They will be sent as prints 13x18cm incl. digital photos per mail. Don't worry about time, I don't use a stopwatch, if it runs well I do not see the 15 minutes.

Price: 55EUR for 1 ½ hour shooting.

I also offer more photo-shoots: Party photography, weddings and more If you are interested please send me a mail.


Drawing Pet Portraits

Do you want to have a pet portrait drawing?

My name is Michael and I am pleased to offer my services for commissioned hand drawn, realistic, highly detailed black and white portraits from your photos. Esp. dogs but nevertheless any kind of portrait is possible.

Just contact me for more or/and have a look at my atelier from time to time. A Professionally, Hand Drawn Dog Portrait or a Family or Baby Portrait makes a wonderfully unique Family or Pet Gift for yourself or others, remembering a special person, All occasion or Pet Memorial or Pet Tribute capturing that special "moment in time to" be cherished for generations! A thoughtful Keepsake!

All Graphite Pencil Portraits are drawn on Acid free Paper with careful attention paid to each & every detail of subject's face and details in photo. Combinations or successions of pictures may also be created within a Portrait. Once Portraits are completed, each is sprayed with a clear matte fixative to repel smears and soil also unerasable, therefore making Portrait a permanent piece of Artwork. Portraits are priced individually based on amount of details & time required.


Virtual Art...

I started early with photography and drawing. In the 80s I already had my first small darkroom in the attic and developed black and white pictures there. I'm still doing this today. In the meantime, however, I also started with digital photography and 3d productions. This is how I produce whole images or animations. I also work more often on order or find orders at Freelancer.com. When I found out that in Norway you can ask a person for photo permission (you always should do anyway) here you can not rely on the fact that even the next day it`s still a yes, I work more and more with Blender, MakeHuman and make the people myself.

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Welcome to my homepage.

Here you will find more about my photography, drawings, 3d Productions, offers,...

My name is Michael Elsaesser. I have been working with photography and drawing since school. Now this is my main occupation. Here I offer drawings and photographs of animal portraits, landscape views,... I also offer photo shoot at weddings and help to repair damaged photographs.

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It happened a lot the last months.

And now I am finished with these Norwegians

It took some time to find out that you can ask a person for photo permission in Norway (something you should always do anyway) but you can not rely on the fact that a yes still is a yes the other day. So I can not work this way. I'm just wasting my time here.

Going to Britain no

actually to Colchester, Essex.



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