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Marks (Russian: Маркс), also spelled Marx, named after Karl Marx, is a town in Saratov Oblast, Russia, located 60 kilometers (37 mi) northeast of Saratov, the administrative center of the oblast. Population: 31,531 (2010). It was previously known as Baronsk, Yekaterinenshtadt (until 1920), Marksshtadt (until 1941)... well read more



Saratov (Russian: Сара́тов, IPA: [sɐˈratəf] (About this soundlisten)) is a city and the administrative center of Saratov Oblast, Russia, and a major port on the Volga River located upstream (north) of Volgograd. Population: 837,900 (2010). Read more here at



Some friends offer whale and bear photo tours for example. So for example "TEAM TRIP is a company founded by adventurers and nature adventurers. They conquer active volcanoes, we swim among sharks and crocodiles, we search for treasures and treasures. They are ready to do all this together with you! " Read more



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I also offer information for all who could think about photo – tours in Russia, organized by friends and local hotels, travel agencies. It started with a girlfriend in Marx and we wanted to move in together. Well the story took a different way but the plan with Marx is stable and who knows maybe another I could live together there might be just around the corner. So I am now offering my tours and constantly looking For partners to work together in the area around Marx/Saratov.


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