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After facebook "spring - cleaning" - all news on my blog...


So here I keep parents, friends, work partners up to date.

Some years ago, I "got bogged down" in Norway. Last year I almost moved together with a girl friend in Russia but things went a different way. So I guess I will have a few more years here before I settle into a cheaper, warmer and brighter area. But you never know and there is always hope... meanwhile I am working more and more over the internet. You may hardly believe it, but there are serious possibilities. Read more soon.

So I still offer my drawings 3D productions for games, film and advertising, virtual reality,... So, to my drawings and what else I do here more.

Work from home wherever I will be

Germany, Austria, Russia, Norway, ... Wherever I am I create my drawings, pictures and animations, 3D props for games, film and promotional productions, virtual reality. Among other things, I find the jobs here at Freelancer.com, or here hier


"Animals - often better companions"

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Pet portraits in drawings, photography and virtual reality. I began with photography and my own darkroom in the mid 80`s.

Pictures and animations on demand. Do you want to have a pet portrait drawing?

To draw an expressive and meaningful picture of your cat, dog or horse, I need one or more photos that show your favorite as it will appear in the most typical and beautiful way.

On the photo, the details of the head of your animal should be seen clearly, especially the eyes! It would also be very helpful if you could give me a brief description of your animal.

You are welcome to contact me by e-mail or telephone, if you have questions about the photos or have the portrayal.




Get your pet portrait

pet portraits, landscapes and more,...


are our escape from reality...

3D props for virtual reality, game and movie production


Pets are one of the most beautiful photo subjects. For many years I'm working with drawing and photography. So maybe you're interested in a personal photo or drawing with your pet. Just contact me.

Virtual Studio,
I create props, vehicles, environments and vegetation for movies and game productions. Usually I work with Blender, a software I prefer for some time now already.

I have some years experience with texturing and photographic manipulation, new texture creation and color correction, Rigging, skinning and animation (for vehicles, vegetation etc.); Level design, -building and -lighting.

In 2018 I began to teach myself the art Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), creating high-end games, innovative TV & video content. Maybe there will be the chance one day to work with companies like FORCE FIELD VR in Amsterdam.